Why “firefly”?

Because I needed a stage name for my fire performances (poi and staff). Firefly was the ideal option for two reasons: first for the obvious association with the beautiful patterns fireflies make when flying in the dark and second, because it was the perfect chance to pay a small tribute to Joss Whedon’s TV series! – damn you Fox..

So there you have it… Art, nature and geeky sci-fi, all in one name! Topics from all over the place, just like the contents of this blog :p

‘Poi’ refers to both the performance art, as well as the equipment used. Its origins start with the Maori tribe of New Zealand, where poi can mean either ‘ball’ on a cord, the choreography itself or the accompanying music. Today poi is considered a form of juggling and has expanded all over the world. Balls swung around the body – they can glow, be on fire, have spikes, be fluffy and soft.. imagination is the only limit – creating intricate patterns.

Here is a video and some pics from me twirling my poi and my staff. (In case someone is interested, Home of poi is in my opinion the best site you can find on this topic)


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