Ropes & Feynman

Two parts in this post. The first made me think of the second (yes my mind makes weird associations)

Part 1:

If this isn’t art then I don’t know what it is… Simply beautiful! Hajime, thank you.

Our imagination and creativity never seizes to amaze me – and motivate me.


Rope Artist Hajime Kinoko – Art Gallery – > red.

Rope Artist Hajime Kinoko – Art Gallery – > forest.


Part 2:

Couldn’t have said it better, so let’s hear it from the man 🙂



Lightness vs weight

There are a few people in this world with who you just connect from the first time you meet. One of them recently gave me a present.

The book ‘The unbearable lightness of being‘ by Milan Kundera.

All I can say is that it’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. If you haven’t already, find it and read it. Page after page, it’s a constant food for thought.

I don’t have the time now, but in time I will add to this post favorites quotes from the book. I will say though my opinion on the dilemma of lightness vs weight. I believe that life is general should be viewed from the point of lightness – simply because life is fun and if you take it too seriously you’ll probably end up jumping of a building. However, because “the heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become” for a few things (the really important ones) it is imperative to choose weight.

A song that came to mind while I was writing this post:




Hello world!

ok, I’m used to the fact that in every programming manual the first piece of code you’re supposed to write is to display ‘Hello world!’

but to find a post waiting for me under ‘Hello world!’ is too much :p