These girls are made for walking!

I’m talking about two sisters, Christina and Anna, who would never walk all over you (unless it’s part of a yoga position :p) but would love to walk with you! Specifically walk with you from Brno (Czech Republic) to Thessaloniki (Greece).

These ladies are organizing a 1500 km walk starting this August – 30km each day, combined with daily yoga lessons and are looking for people who would like to join them or support them. As a side project, they will also make a documentary of their walk and all the experiences they will gather.

I think the whole concept is simply awesome, with great motives/goals and really wish I had time to join them. So, if you or someone you know might be interested contact them and start planning your adventure 🙂

Here are the details from their facebook page:

Anna and Christina two yoga teachers deciding to walk their talk.
We are going to walk to Greece this August 01st from Brno, Czech Republic.
The walk is described in further details below.
Each day we plan to walk through hills, forests, walking paths and secondary roads for 30km.
Every morning, there will be a MOKSHA Yoga class for the community that we are staying in.

This walk is one of adventure, combining a yogic tradition (although not exclusive to yoga) of walking and community building.
For all individuals participating in the walk the experience is personal and diverse. It will be magestic and exhausting all at once.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about travel in this case (slow travel).
Slow travel is all about walking through a place, discovering it on foot, and staying there,
eating locally grown vegetables and fruits, coming with little (bare necessities) being involved in setting up camp daily, packing up our things moving on towards new paths, cultures, adventures, and communities.

We hope this journey will attract like minded people who are passionate about promoting community building, eco travel, and yoga.
We are looking for people to sponsor us in various ways.
We need fuel to get us through this two month journey.
We’re looking for phone and credit, camping equipment, ecological washing up liquid and laundry detergent, video tapes(to film) shoes we need basic staples(coffee, tea, healthy versions of rice and bread…
We need medical supplies
Hats, sun screen, water bottles, yoga swings.

This idea evolved when we saw that the world is changing, has always been changing and that we wanted to part take and embrace the changes that excite us.
Building communities, practicing yoga and spreading the word of sharing resources – being involved with neighboring communities. We had originally wanted to open in Greece, but millions of reasons got in the way and we decided on Prague for now. This walk is also a solidarity walk for people who want to be somewhere else other then where they are, for people who have had to leave their homes and communities because of all the changes taking place.

If you are interested in this HARD CORE adventure even for two weeks, two days, what ever your ability and desire…
If you are interested but also can’t participate but would like to contribute by sponsoring us please contact us right here or email us at: walktoGreece(at)

This is happening really soon!!!
If you are thinking of joining us please contact us as soon as possible.

Walk the talk!
Put your foot where your mouth is!

We will be stopping through these cities to pick you up or drop you off…
Brno, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Beograd, Novi Sad, Skopje and final destination Thessaloniki!

They also sent this letter to a greek site – it is in english with some greek words (which you can ignore or google)- with more information on their personal background.


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