Socrates gets a new trial!

“The Death of Socrates”, painted by Jacques-Louis David at 1787.

After nearly 2.500 years, one of the most famous trials in history, this of Socrates will be repeated! And we’re not talking about a re-enactment, it will be based on the current legal framework supplemented with ancient Greek elements and comical theatrics.

Top American and European judges and lawyers have been called and the final decision will be made by the public which will be watching live from the ‘court room’, but also online from

The event – an initiative of Onassis Foundation – will be held on May 25, at 18:30 (GMT+2) in greek, english and french with concurrent translation.

For more information, like the names of judges and counsels click here.

For more information on the actual trial of Socrates click here.


One thought on “Socrates gets a new trial!

  1. firefly says:

    Just a quick update.. he was found not guilty 🙂

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